BlenTherm – Batch Cooker



VersatilityVersatility is key for a successful continual food cooking and processing operation. Blentech strives to keep your commercial kitchen agile and flexible with the ContinuTherm and its Wok and Infinity Cookercounterparts.

    • Designed for product line expansion, growth, and flexibility
    • Wide range of application capabilities
    • Adaptable technology for changing client requirements

Control & AutomationThe continuous feed industrial blancher, cooker and fryer functionality of the ContinuTherm lends itself to flawless control and automation in the food processing atmosphere.

    • Completely automated solutions that simplify day-to-day operation
    • Historical process data collection & archiving systems
    • Precise process control for repeatable, scalable gold standard results.

Systems Integration

      • Mechanical Engineering, Controls Engineering, Process Development, and Project Management services for complete integration of:
          • Loading Systems
          • Material Handling Equipment
          • Product Transport Solutions
          • OEM Technology

Food Safety

        • Uniform mixing and high efficiency heat transfer to ensure consistent temperature and eliminate the risk of undercooked product


      • Reduced thermal cyclic fatigue to extend Blentech equipment life over all competitors
      • Reduced spare parts, repairs, and maintenance requirements drive down overhead costs
    • Robust construction

Cook Media Recycling

      • Process cook media filtration, re-circulation, and storage systems re-use, effectively utilize, and conserve energy during the cook process, driving down operating costs.

Sanitary Design

    • Blentech continuous food processor equipment is designed to be sanitary, safe, and easily cleanable
    • Compliant withfood, biotech, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry guidelines for sanitary design and safety.
    • Ergonomic design to protect the health and safety of your industrial continuous cooking workforce.