Cheese Grater/ Nut Grater Model IR 250 (Brunner)

เครื่องขูดชีส ซอยชีส

Product advantages

  • Intelligent processing system for production lines in multi-shift operation
  • In the pre-rotation system, the centrifugal force brings the raw material to the grating disc without pressure, where rotating vanes then discharge the grated product
  • Pressure-free, gentle grinding without squeezing, heating or loss of natural oils
  • Low production costs thanks to durable, hand-ground grating discs
  • Processing of a wide range of foodstuffs thanks to various inserts

Technical data

Voltage 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz (3P+N+E)
Power 4.0 – 7.5 kW
Output per hour approx. 2000 kg
Speed 380/750 rpm
Weight 155 kg
Protection class IP 26
Dimensions 817 x 482 x 1435 mm
Material Inox stainless steel
Certifications CE, UL