Spiral Kneaders

เครื่องนวดแป้ง ผสมแป้ง

Technical Features :

1. Two-speed spiral mixing arm.

2.The rotation of bowl provided with direction change.

3.Solid and robust construction.

4.Display timer is affixed.

5.Transmission with two motors.

6.Two types of cover : A. stainless steel.    B. plastic material all-sealed.

Specification :

Electric Power : 1PH/3PH , 50/60HZ

Flour Capacity : 30 kg.

Dough Capacity : 50 kg.

Bowl Diameter : 550 mm

Spiral Hook Motor : 3kw

Bowl Motor : 0.57kw

Net Weight : 316 kg

Machine Size (mm) : W588 x H1210 x L1037