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Vacuum Tumbler

Model.RGR-750VT (750 ลิตร)

Products Name: Vacuum Tumbler (RGR-750VT)

    • RGR-750VT vacuum tumbler is developed for marinating and tumbling ham, sausage, bacon, jerky, poultry, Chinese food and etc.
      By tumbling, the time of marinated process will be shortened and meat quality improved.
    • Characteristics
    • Hydraulic tilt discharge makes the discharge complete.
      The tank is easily removed from the frame. The continuous cycle can be realized by equipping extra tanks.
    • The time relay controls the rotation, pause and total work time.
      Work mode: obverse rotation – pause – reverse rotation
    • Two speeds for standard configuration and frequency speed control is optional.
    • Different paddle design is for different products.
    • The machine is made of high quality stainless steel.
      The tank is polished carefully inside for easy clean.
      The loading can be realized manually or by lifter according different products.
    • Air filter is installed to protect the vacuum pump.
    • Main data:
      Power supply 3∮/380 V/50HZ,adjustable according to requirement
      Driving power 1.5/2.2 kW
      Vacuum pump power 1.5 kW
      Vacuum -0.09 Mpa
      Weight 800 kg
      Volume 750 L
      Max. loading 450 kg
      Drum speed 8.5/13 r.p.m

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