High Speed Salmon Slicer


ยี่ห้อ NANTSUNE รุ่น NHS-200

เครื่องสไลด์แซลมอน รุ่น NHS-200 Salmon Slicer

สไลด์ได้ต่อเนื่อง หรือสไลด์แบบแบ่งกองได้


ปรังองศาการสไลด์ได้ 45-55 องศา


• 200 slices / minute at ultra-high speed ?EIn addition to barbecue meats, this slicer can accommodate thin slices up to large chunks and other types of food.

• Color tough panel display facilitates easy and clear operation. Meat placement is flexible. Intermittent feed with slice number setting is available at your choice. Stainless special cutting steels are used in this unit.

• Interlock mechanism ensures safety.

• This compact unit is designed to save space.

Dimensions W1,130xD1,200xH1,480mm
Weight 380kg
Power supply 3P 200V 60Hz/50Hz
Motor Blade 0.4kW
Face plate 0.4kW
Feeder 0.4kW(ACservo)
Cutting angle 45degree to 55degree
Slicing capability Max200slices/m(6variations in speed)
Slice thickness (0) to 8mm
Slice dimensions W200xH45mm
Temperature for slicing -8degree Celsius to +5degree Celsius *For salmon
Conveyer W700xL2,150xH800mm
Weight 155kg
Conveyer motor 120W
Conveyer speed 0 to 35m/minute(Variable speed)