Deck Oven เตาอบขนมแบบชั้น

เตาอบแบบชั้น Modular ยี่ห้อ Salva


The MODULAR oven is suitable for any production capacity; the  number of decks can be gradually increased as you business grows.

Our MODULAR ovens incorporate an advanced heat distribution system based on elements in a flat ceramic base.

The elements of each MODUL are mounted in refractory bricks which diffuse and distribute the heat, thereby ensuring an even temperature  throughout the chamber and total uniformity as regards the baking  process.

  • Modular Oven suit either 16″ / 18″ trays or 600 x 400mm trays.
  • Tray capacities available 2 or 4 trays per deck.
  • Each oven deck is fitted with Ceramic Heating Elements and high quality insulation to ensure even baking and good energy efficiency.
  • Two models available; Steam or without Steam